December’s Bhakti Yoga Program

By January 7, 2014Latest News
We wish you a Merry Krishnas and Hare New Year!
Once again the theme of December’s Bhakti Yoga Program was relevant to time, place and circumstances.
The lecture… asked “Santa Clause… Fact or Fiction?”
The kids Treasure Hunt… had everyone (including parents) scurrying up stairs, down stairs, under the house, out in the veggie patch, all over the place to find the mystery clues. The kids had a great time and they all won prizes.
The Prasadam… was the absolutely best feast ever!
Lots of kirtan and inspired devotee association.
We wish everyone a very happy New Year filled with success in all that you are doing to become Krishna conscious… and to share Krishna with others.
Your well-wishing servants,
Jaya Sila das & Vimala Devi dasi (Trustees)