Who Are We

Jaya Sila Dasa and Vimala devi dasi

Jaya Sila and Vimala are the Senior Mentors of Bhakti Yoga New Zealand. They are committed to providing Krishna conscious parenting courses, relationship training seminars and education materials aimed at building a strong, family-centered, Bhakti Yoga community.

Since taking their first steps on the path of Bhakti in 1975, Jaya Sila & Vimala have worked together as a husband & wife team raising and nurturing their two children Nandu and Saraswati. During those 38 years they have pioneered and provided powerful leadership for Bhakti Yoga communities both in New Zealand and in Australia. The whole family also lived together in India for 6 years studying and practicing advanced techniques in Bhakti Yoga.

We have a simple plan. Build a family focused, Krishna centered community that will help people live the kind of life they’ve always wanted, work together to accomplish great things, and know that it’s the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna who makes it all possible.

At every moment Vimala and Jaya Sila are enthusiastic to share the difference Bhakti Yoga has made to all areas of their lives. Their day starts at around 4am… and there isn’t a moment to lose. They are living a life that they love, inspired to share the timeless wisdom of ancient Vedic Yoga texts and to demonstrate how to apply this knowledge on a practical daily basis.

They constantly seek opportunities to empower people to move beyond their past conditioning to step forward into a life of committed self-realization and blissful service to each other, their families, communities and God. Mature realizations inform their influential voice.