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Jaya Sila and Vimala are the Senior Mentors of Bhakti Yoga New Zealand. They are committed to providing Krishna conscious parenting courses, relationship training seminars and education materials aimed at building a strong, family-centered, Bhakti Yoga community.

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December’s Bhakti Yoga Program

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We wish you a Merry Krishnas and Hare New Year! Once again the theme of December’s Bhakti Yoga Program was relevant to time, place and circumstances. The lecture… asked “Santa Clause… Fact or Fiction?” The kids Treasure Hunt… had everyone (including parents) scurrying up stairs, down stairs, under the house,…

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Relationship Rescue Remedy WEBINAR – The 5 Drop Formula For Restoring Healthy Relationships

In this ground-breaking FREE masterclass, you will experience two of ISKCON’s leading relationship mentors teaching you a simple 5 Step Formula for Restoring and Maintaining Healthy Relationships – LIVE! Our aim is to equip devotees with tools to work through the inevitable conflicts and challenges that naturally arise in any and all relationships.


Practicing Bhakti Yoga

The Bhakti Yoga New Zealand website is designed to provide you with opportunities to explore, understand, study and practice all aspects of Bhakti Yoga and to help you experience what it’s like to walk along the beautiful path of Bhakti Yoga. Through the practice of pure Bhakti Yoga, one quickly gains relief from the miseries of material existence and immediately transcends the false identification of the self as being material, and gradually comes to realise ones actual identity as an eternally blissful servant of The Supreme Personality of Godhead. This website is dedicated to bringing this dynamic process of Bhakti Yoga to the people of New Zealand.