Q: Hello, I have done a little bit of Yoga and would like to make it part of my week. The reason I am interested in doing this is that I want to feel more in touch with myself, more relaxed and spend more time in my body and less in my head, Can you tell me a bit about Bhakto Yoga – the approach and philosophy, the times and how it works? Do you find you have any males coming to classes?

Thanks for your help, K

A: Hello K,
Thanks for your email. With a high level job like yours that requires much creative thinking and personal interactions with people, it is natural to be looking for a way to calm the mind and have a mental break and provide balance in your life.

Bhakti Yoga is a holistic yoga practice focusing on the spiritual side of our lives that is often neglected in our busy lives.

Our main practice is Kirtan Yoga which is chanting ancient Vedic mantras responsively to music. It is interesting to note that mantra means “free the mind”, so this yoga will help you get “out of your head”. At our Sunday programs we do two kirtan yoga session. The first is done sitting down and is very “meditative.” The second session is more upbeat, but includes movement and dance, which as you say energizes our body and keeps us out of our head.

During our Sunday sessions we explain more about the philosophy behind Bhakti Yoga. In essence it is living our lives according to spiritual principles that help us develop awareness of our soul beyond our body and mind, then using this awareness to truly serve God and other people.

As far as males… Don’t worry. The yoga we practice does not require leotards or bending and stretching so we get plenty of men coming along and an interesting diverse group of people.

Feel free to write if you have any more questions.

Kind regards,
Krsnendu dasa