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Bhakti Yoga Defined – Love and Wisdom in Action | Bhakti Yoga New Zealand – Reconnect

Bhakti Yoga Defined – Love and Wisdom in Action

By October 31, 2012 Latest News No Comments

Hare Krishna. It’s a new month again! So we are meeting on the first Sunday, that’s next Sunday, November 4th, at our Murrays Bay venue and we hope you can all come!

Time – 5.00 to 7.30pm. Don’t be late because the kirtan is definitely worth hearing at the beginning of the programme.
Address – Outram Hall, 478 Beach Road, Murrays Bay – just beside the beach.
Door donation – $5.00 each if you are over six years old. Just $10.00 for a family.
Programme – music, dancing, meditation, and a sumptuous vegetarian feast.

This week’s talk will be titled “Bhakti Yoga Defined – Love and Wisdom in Action”.

You are invited to be bring a favourite vegetarian preparation to add to the feast. For new members, please no onion, garlic or mushroom. These ingredients cannot be offered to Lord Krishna.

And now, – a special message from Jaya Sila and Vimala: “We just want to let you know that –
YOU coming to the Bhakti Yoga programme makes a huge difference!
YOU bringing a plate (only if it’s convenient) makes a difference!
YOU deciding to come and share yourselves with forty plus other devotees makes the Bhakti Yoga monthly programme
See you Sunday!”

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