Howard Glasser, is the founder of Children’s Success Foundation
and designer of
The Nurtured Heart Approach®

Howard Glasser is dedicated to nurturing greatness in all children, especially the difficult or intense ones. His set of core methodologies have been designed to help all children channel their intensity in successful ways. Using NHA, hundreds of thousands of parents, educators, and child-advocacy agencies around the world have awakened children to their own inner wealth.

As certified advanced Trainers of  The Nurtured Heart Approach and co-founders of Bhakti Yoga Reconnect,  we fully endorse this easy to practice approach as a powerful and innovative way to equip parents, teachers and care-givers with fresh outlooks on how to ignite the greatness in every child. It is in our opinion, the closest/best fit for individualized, Krishna conscious, child nurturing we have ever worked with… it is truly a ‘New Paradigm’

 (Jaya Sila Dasa & Vimala Devi Dasi)

The Nurtured Heart Approach… Affirmations

  • I am a fully sold out Nurtured Heart Approach parent…
  • I love to energise my children’s greatness…
  • I see their ‘intensity’ as their road to greatness..
  • I recognise and celebrate my children’s inner wealth…
  • I issue my recognitions and praise loudly and with animation and energy
  • I show appreciation for even the smallest effort… I pour it on… and notch it up!
  • When things are going well… I keep energising that success…
  • I am consistent when rules are broken.  I Issue brief resets with little energy or animation.  I then bring them quickly back ‘into the game’.
  • I am creative and engineer success in my most challenging and intense children…

The Nurtured Heart Approach… 4 Steps (Recognitions)

Active Recognition…   Take a verbal snapshot… reflecting what we see without evaluation or judgement… saying out loud what the child is doing (only use for positive actions)

Experiential Recognition…  is when we take Active Recognition up another notch. At this point we are adding positive judgment and value statements to the verbal snapshot.  Here we are nurturing character strengths and virtues

Proactive Recognition… is the way!  Include success moments when a problem is not occurring or when it typically could occur.  You are looking for instances when your student is not breaking a rule and you recognise their wise choice and self-control.

Creative Recognition… This builds on the other steps.  We create situations that will transport especially challenging children into success.  We have to use our creativity to engineer success that otherwise would not happen.

The Nurtured Heart Approach… Core Methodologies

The Three Stands

  • Stand One: Absolutely No! I refuse to energize negative behavior.
  • Stand Two: Absolutely Yes! I will relentlessly energize the positive.
  • Stand Three: Absolute Clarity! I will maintain total clarity about rules that demonstrate fair & consistent boundaries.

Nurtured Heart Approach… Benefits

  • Understand the unique dynamics of the challenging child.
  • Shift a child toward using his/her intensity in successful ways.
  • Create a deeper sense of success & inner wealth for the child.

Howard Glasser Profile:

Howard is the author of Transforming the Difficult Child, currently the top-selling book on ADHD; Notching Up the Nurtured Heart Approach: The New Inner Wealth Initiative, a leading book on school interventions; You Are Oprah – Igniting the Fires of Greatness, on applying the Nurtured Heart Approach to one’s self; and All Children Flourishing, on using the Approach with all children, difficult or not. Four of his eight books are in the top one percent of all books on Amazon, confirming the need and relevance of his message and methodology at this moment in time.

Howard has been a featured guest on CNN, a consultant for 48 Hours, and has consulted for numerous psychiatric, judicial, and educational programs. He currently teaches the Nurtured Heart Approach through live presentations and internet-based courses via the Nurtured Heart Online University.

Although he has done extensive doctoral work in Clinical Psychology and Educational Leadership, Howard feels his own years as a difficult child contributed most to his understanding of the needs of challenging children. Without his experience and intuition, Howard believes the Approach would never have found such tremendous success.

Howard has been called one of the most influential living persons working to prevent children’s reliance on psychiatric medications. His work also supports children in developing the inner strength to resist addictive substances.

Though the Approach began as a means for helping difficult or challenging children, Howard believes all parents and educators, even those with well-behaved children, can benefit from learning how to inspire thriving relationships with the people in their lives. He welcomes you to the Nurtured Heart Approach and in finding a new path to greatness.

Howard Glasser, MA is the founder of Children’s success Foundation – and designer of The Nurtured Heart Approach