Use Your Gifts: Achieve Success!

That’s Sunday, September 2nd, and the address is the Outram Hall, 478 Beach Road, Murrays Bay.

Come and join us for an evening of music, conversation, learning, chanting and eating. It’s always a very happy gathering and we’d love you to come! This week Krsnendu will be giving a talk entitled “Use Your Gifts: Achieve Success!”

We’re sure you will find his discussion very valuable, and afterwards there will be a wonderful vegetarian feast of Krishna prasadam. The door donation is just $5.00 each, (if you are over six years old). Children are very welcome and there will be games arranged for them. The programme starts at 5.00pm, – don’t be late – and we generally pack up for home at 7.30pm.

If you’d like to know more, please phone 473 3643