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Moving Ahead in 2011 | Bhakti Yoga New Zealand – Reconnect

Moving Ahead in 2011

New Beginnings… Moving Ahead in 2011

Our leadership team met today to discuss our plans for 2011. We are off to an exciting start with a programme at Waiheke Island on Saturday 15th January. We hope to see you there!

Our new venue at the North Shore Events Centre provides us with great facility for our Sunday festivals. Some of you may remember our launching festival there in October. Our first Sunday programme scheduled for 23rd January will include a powerful media presentation on ‘Material Conditioning and Mistaken Identity’. Kirtan Yoga will be led by our special guest, Trivikrama Das, famous for his transcendentally enlivening tunes. As usual you can expect a sumptuous prasadam feast!!!

Some drama performances and festival celebrations for the upcoming months are also in the pipeline. We will keep you posted.

Your well-wishing servants,

Jaya Sila and Vimala

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