Big Day Out at Bhakti Yoga ‘Reconnect’ Picnic

Sikhandi and Nandu set up the scene in the early morning at 8.30am and activities continued on until 7.30pm. The mood was relaxed and accommodating and the weather was truly glorious. Devotees came from near and far.

And what a day it turned out to be… caring Vaisnava association, Kirtan, Prasadam, volley ball, soccer, group games, Frisbee, sand castles and even table tennis. One of the park rangers commented, I’ve seen every imaginable game being played at Long Bay Beach… but I can’t remember ever seeing ‘table tennis’.
The mothers (and fathers) all had a chance to relax and let their children play happily and safely, and almost everyone took the chance to swim throughout the day.

And what a delicious lunchtime feast… everyone ‘brought a plate’ or juice or fruits, and the two barbecues kept going non-stop through lunchtime. Curd stakes, avocado salad, fried rice, barbecued veggies, breads, savouries and sweets… all offered to Krishna with love and devotion.

The end result appeared to be that devotees experienced deep satisfaction and bliss being with each other in this wonderful Krishna conscious environment. Many devotees expressed, “We must do this more often”. So stay tuned for future events.

Here is some short videos:


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  • Jaya Sila says:

    Thanks to everyone for making the picnic a huge success. We are now organizing our next event for the end of April… this time with a bush walk added on for fitness enthusiasts 🙂 Don’t miss it! Stay tunned for details.

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