Bhakti Yoga “reconnects” with Waiheke!

By January 18, 2011Latest News

Thanks to Krsnendu’s comprehensive media advertising we were delighted when around eighty enthusiastic guests attended our first Bhakti Yoga Maha Mantra Festival in Waiheke Island. It had been nearly fifteen years since devotees had held a festival programme on the Island. Attendees had such a great time chanting, dancing and feasting, that they begged us to make this a regular event. Our small but dedicated team worked hard throughout the week-end to make the programme a great success. Special thanks go to our visiting guests Trivikrama for his awe-inspiring kirtan that had everyone dancing in the aisles, and to his wife, Sumukhi for her tireless and enthusiastic service.

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  • Atmananda dasa says:

    Congratulations everyone! I’m inspired! I hope to see and associate with you all, after I return to Kiwiland in the middle of Feb (from India and the UK). Till then, keep up the wonderful preaching!

    • Bhakti Yoga NZ says:

      Thank you Atmanada! We hope you will bring some inspiring stories from India/UK and share with us here in Kiwiland.

  • Krsnendu says:

    Awesome festival. I love the spirituality of the Waiheke people.

    Great team effort putting on the festival. Thanks to everyone who came over from Auckland to make this event a success.

    Hare Krishna.
    Krsnendu dasa

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